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Qur’aan Stories – A Way to the Hearts of Children

Values, morals and good conduct are always best told to children via stories. And what better way of presenting these important concepts via real examples found in various scriptures. The Bhagvat Gita, The Torah, the Bible are no exceptions.

The Qur’aan is one such compendium where Prophets over thousands of years were recorded to have preached God’s oneness and proved themselves in various ways by acting upon God’s universal instructions. From Ebrahim (Abraham), Moosa (Moses), Dawood (David) to Muhammad (Peace be on them all), Allah (God) used them all to illustrate various circumstances and the consequences thereof.

The Qur’aan tells these stories to reinforce various aspects of our lives and to ensure conduct that is acceptable to our Creator.

As a result, Academia Library brought to life various Qur’aan Stories beautifully told by the effervescent Dr Fatima Hendricks. The stories were aimed mainly at children up to their teenage years and were told using props and age appropriate language for children to internalise values such as compassion, honesty and respect.

Dr Fatima entertained up to 100 children and many questions were asked by those assembled over many Saturday mornings. Parents accompanying their children no doubt learned much from the story-telling too… Academia Library staff and Brother Haroon Daya also ensured that children left the Library with some goodies after the wonderfully managed sessions…