• Seminar Room

    This area houses presentation technology and allows for seminars, meetings and other gatherings less than 20 people.

  • Reception

    The administrative hub of the library and central point of contact for users.

  • Library Catalogue

    With holdings that looks to be in excess of twenty-five thousand titles, the catalogue of books, ebooks, electronic media and research material aims to systematically cover all fields of study and interest. A special focus is placed on curating a comprehensive electronic catalogue of journals and periodicals.Please follow the link to check what books we have at the library http://libad/activeconnect .

  • Interactive Conference Room

    Designed to host presentations and workshops, these rooms feature an abundance of technologies, including an HD interactive display, video conferencing and discussion systems. This technology expands the reach of the library beyond the boundaries of its location and will allow for interaction on a global level.

  • Individual & Group Study Areas

    These areas provide comfortable seclusion for individuals or groups that require a controlled study environment.

  • Gallery

    A unique collection that showcases the artworks and creative pieces by local and international artists.

  • Childrens Area

    With suitably sized shelving and furniture, this area has been ergonomically designed for use by children.

  • Audiovisual Room

    Housing touch screen interactive displays, this area will offer information to users in an easy to understand format and in a manner that encourages further research.

  • Academic Research Unit

    Designed to meet the exacting needs of academic research, tertiary and post-graduate students can enjoy access to digitised versions of content.

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